1 definition by Azriel Naya'il

Often mistaken as a bromance, the homosocial man is far from homosexual. The homosocial man likes to get away from the ladies, spend some time with his mates and watch copious amounts of sports. They can often be found in pubs and clubs, chilling out and playing pool, sinking some drinks, or chatting on the smoking deck. They are easily identifiable by the fact that they seem more interested in talking to one another than anyone else and are comfortable with that fact. Essentially, it is a mans bro time!
Man 1: Oi bro, my missus is full pissin' me off aye.
Man 2: Yeah dude, I get that.
Man 1: She wants me to spend every second with her.
Man 2: That's so unrealistic.
Man 1: I know.
Man 2: It's cool man. We'll play some pool, bet on some horses, drink our sorrows away and talk about them when we start getting drunk.
Man 1: Cool. Thanks bro.
Woman 1: Hey, look at them. *points to men*
Woman 2: They're so homosocial.
Woman 1: I know right? Cute. ;)
by Azriel Naya'il March 14, 2011

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