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weed's long lost dangerous cousin.
Also one of the best high's you'll ever experience :)

Note: Always smoke with a sitter if your willing to do this
(and yes its that bad)
Friend 1: Hey dude i just got this salvia shit and i heard its insane

Friend 2: Uhh, dude are you sure you want to

Friend 1: Helllzz yeah ( 10 seconds later Friend one takes only 2 hits and holds it in for 30 seconds)

Friend 1: "DUDEEEEE, HELP ME!!! IM LOST IN THE COUCH AND I CANT GET OUT" *uncontrollable laughter from Friend 1*

Friend 2: Fuck, im glad i didnt smoke that shit or else i would look like rick james over here lol but this shit is to fun to watch

#salvia #scary #shit #ultra highs #weeds worse cousin
by Azn dennis January 08, 2008
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