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2 definitions by Azn Riot

When an asian kid gets so fucking pissed off he starts kicking peoples ass and even if they do get a hit in he doesn't feel it because of the adrenaline
Redneck#1 : lol! look at that little fucking mexican asian bitch

Redneck#2 : hes such a cunt. LOL!

Redneck#1 and #2 : OH SHIT! That asian bitch is releasing azn rage!
by Azn Riot October 14, 2009
A group made by Furbi that despises every redneck on earth.
Redneck: Look at that gay fag wearing those so tight pants.

DTR (Death To Rednecks) Member: I'll kick your ass stupid redneck!
by Azn Riot October 07, 2009