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Often referred to as it's original name of Cincinnati. It is Ohio's crappiest City. Filled with rejects, losers, whore's, sluts, scumbags and trash. It also refers to the surrounding Cities such as Hamilton, Ohio or Liberty Twp, Ohio etc. The rest of Ohio acts as if it doesn't exist and they want nothing to do with it.
(Friend 1): I'm going down to Shitsinatti for the week.


(Friend 1): Just to get a piece of easy ass, you know how easy the girls are down there.

(Friend 2): Oh I should have thought lol, just don't catch anything while you're down there. Oh and what wretched part are you going to???

(Friend 1): I'll try not to lol, I'm just so desperate and the girls are soooo easy I'm like a God compared to their guys. Hamilton lol.

(Friend 2): Remember if something happens to you don't call me.
by Aye yo you know March 24, 2011

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