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Private Investigator. Also known as "Private Eye" (Not to be confused with Private Eye Magazine. Frequently hired by tabloids to do illegal phone-tapping operations and suchlike.
Damnit, some PI has been snooping on my phone lines. I bet they're from the News of the World.
by AwkOS V2*72 October 15, 2010
(Adjective, sometimes exclamation) When something is going wrong, though not sufficiently wrong as to render the user of the word/phrase incapable of speaking.
Of multi-lingual origin, formed in the most peculiar possible fashion, using the old French word merde (Literal transltation = Shit/bloody hell) and "graphic" (possibly referring to graphic violence, with the letter "o" in the centre of the word for good measure

NOTE: original spelling uses hyphenation, thus it is advisable to use it when using the word.
Ship is sinking, person then states, "well, this is merde-o-graphic, the ship's sinking, there's no life-boats left and I can't swim."
by AwkOS V2*72 July 29, 2010
City in Scotland, known in Victorian times as the "second city of the Empire". Now a days, it is more known for its ship building (The H.M.S. Diamond was built there) and its population's love of cheap booze, track suits and machetes. For proof of this, see Sauchiehill Street at around 0100 on a Saturday morning.
Typical scene in Glasgow. ~0100 on a Saturday morning.

(Ned 1) - Orright bawbag, the fuck de yeh want?

(Ned 2) - Nuhin, just gee's some Buckie then fuck off, right.

(Ned 3) - Oy, you, gee's a quid or I'll stab yeh.

{Machetes are drawn.}

(Tourist) - Crap, why did we come to Glasgow? Why didn't we go to Aberdeen instead?
by AwkOS V2*72 November 02, 2010

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