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1 definition by Awesome McStellar

The new uniform for suburban girls ranging from thirteen to twenty-five. Once belonging to hipsters and those of artist origin, it is now (due to its expansion) worn by sluts, nerds, jocks, and hipster-wannabes all over high school grounds. Ugg boots, black lululemon pants, and brightly colourd american apparel hoodies are the new uniform for all public school students, who slowly decend on the indie scene ready to get their sticky mainstream fingers all over anything which can be salvaged. When all is said and done, if you think you were the "first one to where american apparel in your school" then... you weren't. There was some kid hanging out, behind the oak tree off school grounds smoking a cigarette and talking about the last show he/she went to, who was.
Rich Girl One

"Omg, these lululemon pants ride me so bad! Like, is that ashley? As if, she has a purple american apparel hoodie, i was the first, my daddy bought it for me in toronto!"

Rich Girl Two

"Psssh I know, lets jump into my moms Hummer, listen to some regina spektor to be indie, and go to starbucks, to show off these hoodies!"

by Awesome McStellar March 31, 2008
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