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a type of weapon. machine guns first appeared in world war I and revolutionized warfare, leading to the invention of tanks. machine guns are subdivided into light machine guns and heavy machine guns (the former can be used and carried by a single person while the latter is mounted and has to be used by a crew).
machine guns enabled a single soldier to kill a whole group of other songles in a few seconds.
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by Awesome McAwesome October 13, 2007
a specific type of rifle. it is fully automatic, fed by a high-capacity magazine and has a pistol grip. Assault rifles were designed to have the accuracy and power of a rifle, but the automatic fire and portability of a submachine gun. Assault rifles usually use a shortened rifle cartridge, though some do not. such as the Heckler and Koch G3 and FN FAL.
the world's most famous assault rifle is the AK-47. the first assault rifle was the Nazi-made Sturmgewehr 44.
#guns #nazi #rifle #gun #weapons #weapon
by Awesome McAwesome October 13, 2007
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