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puss boy, aka BJ, lobs to eat puet and tah eh.
eeeeew thats PUET like PUET
by awesome April 04, 2005
a term that idiots use instead of noob
Man, i have been online for such a long time that i dont know what life is. I have to shorten a four letter word so i dont get killed, on my videogame. beep beep beep.
by awesome January 31, 2004
it is a saying synonymous with gay
omfz, I am so seX or something that I don't care about. I gotsta go not do some drugs because I am gay.
by Awesome February 19, 2005
A Bible school in southern California, which is mostly inhabited by hypocritical, once-sheltered children of either rich, rich people, pastors, or misisonaries.
Dude, did you see the Jesus mural!? It's so awesome!!
by awesome April 25, 2005
Retarded-Ogre-Faggots named Tim that like inflicting pain because they think they're tough. They also hit on girls and attack potheads. OR People you're supposed to hate.
"Tim, you fucking faggot, you're a sadist, i hope when you're trying to jump off a car on the freeway you die. Fucking idiot."
by Awesome March 09, 2005

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