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Same as gaseous anus, where you cannot stop farting out gas from your bottom
Oops, that curry has given me a gaseous arsus
by Avoura December 05, 2005
A condition where you just cannot stop farting.
Oops, there goes my gaseous anus letting out too much bad odours again.
by Avoura December 02, 2005
centimeter is a misspelling of centimetre
100 centimetres is 1 metre in length
Those Americans spell it centimeter, but we call it a centimetre
by Avoura November 25, 2005
A very long piece of poo, so long you feel like saying Scooby dooby doo poo!
Wow, after that big meal I did a big scoobydoopoo
by Avoura December 02, 2005
when you go to the toilet, and do a sticky poo, and it is stuck to your ass cheeks and around the anus and is hard to wash off, or generally any poo that is sticky and smells real bad.
I knew I should not have eaten at MacDonals, just look at that icky poo I did.
by Avoura December 02, 2005
Acronym for A Dog Is Doing A Shit.
Also name of a shoe company which recently bought up Nike.
Oh look, A.D.I.D.A.S. (A Dog Is Doing A Shit) -- how disgusting
by Avoura December 02, 2005
Antiquated measurement unit, redefined in the 20th century to be exactly 25.4 millimetres in size. Not of much use in the modern age is it lacks precision, quality and beauty. Much better to use millimetres or centimetres instead.
Get rid of inches and give us cm instead
by Avoura December 02, 2005

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