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A person that turns into the opposite sex through the application of temperature specific water.
"It started raining but it was no shock when jerry turned into a girl because everyone knew s/he was an aquatransexual."
by Autumn Rosette November 13, 2006
A manga series created by Rumiko Takahashi. It started a young martial artist named Ranma who had recently became cursed to turn female when splashed with cold water. the series started in 1987 and ran till 1996 in the shounen sunday. The portion of the title, nibbunnoichi, is japanese for 1/2
"In Japanese, Ranma 1/2(one half) is pronounced Ranma Nibbunnoichi."
by Autumn Rosette November 13, 2006
A poorly defigned set of "symptoms" that women "experiance" durring or near their menstral cycle. It has been proven however that women do not experiance more "symptoms" during their period than when they are not on their period, however when a women has her period and experiances these "symptoms" she and others often will blame it on the period. In other cultures periods are ofent viewed in a veriety of ways that are better or worse than the misconseption here in western culture. but overall PMS is a myth that continues to exist because of womens hypersensitivity to any ailments they feel when on their period. it is also suggested that negitive mind over matter may play a role as well.

about the only thing thats been proven to be a symptom of PMS is getting cramps, and not all women get bad cramps either.
"women never belive that PMS is a myth no matter how much
evidence you put infront of them, its like they WANT to have PMS"

Girl:oh god having PMS sucks! i hate head aches"
Rationalist:Youve been having migrains all through this month! quit blamming this stuff on your period

Girl: oh jees i dont want to go on a date that week it's my period, ill get a head ache!
Rationalist:You sure as hell will with that attitude
by Autumn Rosette November 13, 2006

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