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3 definitions by Autistic Pornstar

So named for its resemblance to the familiar hand based greeting. This pleasure technique requires the female to be in a doggy style position as four fingers and as much of your hand are inserted into the vagina. Assuming the female has not gorged herself on Tommy's Burger, the thumb can be safely used to penetrate the anus without fear of mudslides. Also referred to as "four in the slit, one in the shit".
If you got deals to make, seal them with a dirty handshake.
by Autistic Pornstar February 05, 2010
A favorite among retro video game buffs and ass play aficionados, The Pacman is becoming a standard of the underground sex scene. This simple to do delight requires the insertion of anal beads into the rectum of your partner. Next, the beads are pulled one by one using your mouth. This action mimics the famous video game character eating the pellets. In addition, fruit preserves, which represent the fruits eaten in the game, may be spread onto the sphincter to enhance the ass-tastic flavor of the extracted beads.
When the beads are in deep,
Why use your hand?
Have some retro fun
and do The Pacman!
by Autistic Pornstar April 11, 2010
This regional favorite consists of three parts. It requires a person to defecate on another person's face (preferably a hard stool). The person then urinates on the feces and face. The last step necessary to complete this fetish favorite is key. This is where the name of the move is derived. The person then sits on the other person's face subsequently "mashing" the urine and feces into them.
Sorry, toilet is broken. Ever heard of the Montebello Masher?
by Autistic Pornstar February 05, 2010