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3 definitions by Austin Weird

The act or intention of getting some action late at night when your partner is asleep.
When Leslie got home she was really horny and came on to Jim. He was exausted and the best he could manage was to get schnorked.
by Austin Weird August 21, 2009
Used to define someone who has a green thumb or lack of one with plants.
Wow, those plants look like major hell you should water them and get your dirtmojo back.

These tomatoes are incredible, your dirtmojo is incredible.
by Austin Weird August 23, 2009
Using a weapon during target practice to hit the outline of a man in the design of a smiley face.

Also could be used in combat during intense battle.
We were down a the range when Rex used his AK to give the target a full-on mogadishu.

"We need to go full mogadishu on them" the commander screamed.
by Austin Weird August 21, 2009