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Fucking a mother is different than being a mother fucker. To fuck someones mother (milf) is actually pretty cool. To fuck a mother is to stud fuck, therefore to fuck a mother is to stud fuck. When you fuck a mother you are a stud.
Jessy: Damn Tanner did you just fuck a mother?
Tanner: Fuck yeah i did
Jessy: damn you fucking stud
by Austin Buckley July 11, 2010
to stud fuck is much cooler than just to fuck. It means you totally dominated your women. She came before you did. Stud fucking consists of any cum combo found on Urban Dictionary. It also means fucking a mother. Stud fucking is almost a crime. Prostitutes pay stud fuckers. Stud fuckers are constantly showing up Chuck Norris.
Tanner: Hey babes hows it going?
Annie: Wait a sec, did you just fuck me, Hannah and that one bitch at the same time?
Tanner: Hell yeah i did.
Annie: Wow. way to stud fuck
by Austin Buckley July 11, 2010
a cum combo is basically when you do any coded strange sex position or scheme found on Urban Dictionary. It is called a cum combo because it usually takes the cuming from sex and makes it interesting and fun. Make sure to search UD until you find a cum combo worth while
Anal sex is getting a little old, so i decided to perform a one eyed penguin instead.- a good choice for your cum combo
by Austin Buckley July 11, 2010
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