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Famous Last Words is a wonderful song my My Chemical Romance, released in 2006, and released as a single in mid-2007. It is the 13th track from their 2006 album, "The Black Parade".

My Chemical Romance has made a brilliant choice on choosing this song as a single. It is a wonderful and brilliant song. It is such a shame that this song didn't go to well down in Australia.

This song is one of the examples of one of My Chemical Romance's songs that show that My Chemical Romance is not in any way, an emo band, which is really the truth anyway. This song plunges from My Chemical Romance's killer pop, pop punk genre to Alternative rock.

This is a wonderful song from My Chemical Romance and is not friggin' emo.
Asshole who thinks he/she knows a lot about music: "My Chemical Romance is emo. Fuck emos."

Me: "Have a listen to Famous Last Words, which is a song by My Chemical Romance. Tell me if they're emo after you listen to it."

Asshole who thinks he/she knows a lot about music: "Oh ok, that was just a song that made them sound not emo. They're still emo and I hate them. I hate Famous Last Words. it's a good song but it is from a gay band, therefore I hate Famous Last Words."

Me: "Go look across the internet, and you will find scattered interviews, proving the point that My Chemical Romance is not an emo band."

Asshole who thinks he/she knows a lot about music: "Fuck you. I'm too stupid to know what's emo or not, so I'll say MCR is not emo."

Me: "Good."
by Austin \/\/ May 05, 2008

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