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A man or woman so eager and desperate to suck a dick that they would stoop so low as to engage in sucking a chode. Usually a derogatory term used for males.
Man, that guy is a chode choker!
by Austin March 19, 2005
Penis. And since the piece of shit web site makes me have at least 3 words and 20 letters i had to write this... blah.
I have the largest damn fuck wand.
by Austin September 12, 2004
A collection of fine martial arts which, thanks to thousands of matrix fanboys and anime-fags, has come to represent a massive group of jerkasses and idiots who think that a fancy school is the secret to combat. The result is a huge crowd of white kids who, having not spent anywhere near enough time training, go and pick fights with other people who don't know kung-fu, but DO know a decent right cross. I'm sure that, given time, it is powerful and deadly, but 90% of the time, the kid across from you is just going to pull some 'combatative flower arranging' type bullshit until you kick him in the head, at which point, he'll fall over and cry that you didn't hit him in a blockable fashion.
An Amazing Martial Art that has been ruined by faggots.

See also: Pretty Much every other fighting style. Except Tae-Bo, Tae-Bo is the secret to victory.
by Austin May 21, 2004
Anyone you don't like.
(A spinoff of Raggety Ann)
Evan: Hey, How are you?
Zac: F--k off, faggety anne.
by Austin April 08, 2005
Quite possibly the two best words in the English language. Often used in a conversation to catch someone off guard.
Dude did you hear what happened yesterday?


Fucker bitch
by Austin January 06, 2004
hoe that goes to skate park
some dumb hoe that sucks weiner for free?
by austin July 30, 2003
high as a fuck.
damn homie, i'm on the moon!
by Austin March 06, 2004

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