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The girl that your best friend is dating, who is obligated to be a total bitch because of some subliminary life cliche. She will be clingy, possessive, and controlling, giving you little to no bro-time.

You and other friends will be forced to accept her into your social circle, but will talk mass loads of shit on her whenever you get the chance.
Your friend and your best friend's girlfriend-

"Hey bro, you still drinking with us this weekend?"

"Can't dude, I have to hang out with Carly."

"But broski, you've hung out with her everyday for six days now- Whatever, just bring her with."

"She doesn't want too, dude, sorry."
by Austavious Rex March 30, 2010
When a man slightly flexes his arms everytime he passes attractive women, this is The Flex Reflex.

This isn't recommended, because if the girls you are trying to impress call your bluff, you will look like a total ass.
The Flex Reflex-

"Jessica called me out on my Flex Reflex today, I feel like a total ass."
by Austavious Rex April 08, 2010
Someone who ruins any part of a movie, TV show, or book.
"I heard you we're going to see Clash of the Titans with John."

"Yeah bro, why?"

"I wouldn't advise that, John is a plot rapist."
by Austavious Rex April 08, 2010
Quickly tapping your back pocket, and front pockets to assure you have your wallet, cell phone, and iPod. May also be shortened if the user is lacking one of the mentioned items.

The 3-Pocket Pat should take no longer than 2 seconds.
"I realized I left my wallet at the movies when I did my occasional 3-Pocket Pat before getting in the car."
by Austavious Rex March 23, 2010
A pretty terrible record label. Dominated by power-pop bands that make teenage girls wet themselves. The only two decent bands on the label are The Venetia Fair, who is pretty amazing, and Ice Nine Kills, who used to be great until they decided to sell out completely to scene kids and start using border-line auto-tune and focus on their aesthetic more than their music.
"I wish Red Blue Records would sign us, but we don't have matching hair-cuts, colorful flannel shirts, or use vocal enhancers and keyboards."

"Yeah dude, sometimes I wish I made music for money and not passion."

by Austavious Rex May 16, 2010

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