17 definitions by Auneeezy

a guy who is extremely clingy, who enjoys telling you things like how wasted he is or how funny you are or other useless shit.
Jason: Mingy dude go get me a beer real quick.

Mingy Dude: Ok sounds good you can have some of mine if you want, cuz you rule this party!!
by Auneeezy October 10, 2005
someone who clings to you and is very abrasive, bothersome, and awkward.
That Dale kid is such a hang-nail, hes always on my dick swinging to and fro.
by Auneeezy November 01, 2005
a quick way to refer to anyone who is tall, skinny and crappy. it is also usually accompanied with a small head and a poor attitude.
Jason: That Schwimmer sure is T.S.C., i mean look at his shirt, it looks like he is wearing his bed sheet.
by Auneeezy October 10, 2005
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