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Some one that laughs a lot, it totally ripped to shreds with muscle. A Krystine is a girl that loves to eat, play sports, and fart around allday but then gets serious when it is last minute. A krystine loves to boogy and dance till she cant move anymore. A Krystine is a good friend when ever you need one and understands you when you have a problem. A Krystine loves music and definately cant sing but loves to with her girl friends. A Krystine is unique to the world and deserves the best and is a good judge. A krystine surrounds herself with people that love her no matter what and can relate to pretty much everything. A Krystine has had it rough but still finds a smile or laugh to make someone else's day!! its a beautiful world to her!
she is so nice, she is sooo a krystine
by Aundreaha February 12, 2009

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