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2 definitions by AugDog257

1.) The only real kind.

2.) A good way to get HIV.
1.) Guy #1: I had sex last night.

Guy #2: Did you use a jimmy hat?

Guy #1: Of course not.

Guy #2: So you had unprotected sex?

Guy #1: ...is there any other kind?

2.) Guy #1: I had unprotected sex with a Brazilian transsexual.

Guy #2: You have HIV now.
by AugDog257 August 17, 2009
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The Raccoon Butt Sex Train.

Generally practiced amongst Canadians and folks from upstate New York. The practice involves a line of anal sex with the engineer (head car) guiding the BST. The rear car, the caboose, is responsible for the forward thrust.

While not mandated, it is preferrable to go Human-Raccoon-Human-Raccoon-Human, so as not to engage in the deplorable act of homosexuality.

During a break on production, the film crew found a few raccoons and decided to start an RBST.
by AugDog257 March 22, 2008
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