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A New Zealand term for an adolescent female from Wellington's Hutt Valley. Usually seen in large groups on courtenay place clad in white bumrags, pointy shoes and eft-pos tops, ready to hook up with any collared-shirt wearing suburban males who are willing to fork out for a few drinks at Coyote, Shooters or Sports Bar.

Hutt Sluts are easily identified by their expensive cell phones, layers of makeup and inbred Hutt accents. For instance cool pronounced "coowel"
"Man did you see the arse on that Hutt slut?"
by Audrey pawdry July 13, 2006
Tomato sauce, the staple of any down under mealtime
"Hey bazza, pass the vitamin T!"
by audrey pawdry July 13, 2006
The ill-concieved art of removing male body hair from some areas whilst leaving others in an attempt to look pubescent but not bearish

Usually results in some fairly dire patches of stubble
oooh thats some nasty manscaping! Don't try this at home kids
by Audrey pawdry July 13, 2006

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