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2 definitions by Atticus Kcliine

The art of posers typing/texting in a faggot ass way because they think it's cool to be niggers. It is possibly the most annoying and intolerable way peopled have ever communicated in mankinds' existence.
Example 1-

Normal kid: "Hey dude are u goin' 2 the concert 2nite?"

Poser fag: "Y@y cuz f@ sh0. 1 b3 @t d@t sh1t f0 sh33zy d@wg!"

Normal kid: "Ummm I can't go anymore, your nigger text is intolerable."

Example 2-

Normal kid: "Hey baby what's up?

White chick:"H3y h0m3 b0i! Wut up w1t 1t?"

Normal Kid: " Aren't u white?...."

White Chick: "F@ sh0. Y u @ll b31n w31rd?"

Normal kid: "I can't put up with your nigger text.....fuck you"

by Atticus Kcliine April 30, 2009
Man-law for cheating on your bitch. If your other bitches be livin' in a different area code there is nothing wrong with having the good ol' in and out with both of them.
Guy 1: Hey dude I'm goin over Mynesha's house.
Guy 2: But aren't you goin out with Taquisha?
Guy 1: Dude Rule #5! Mynesha lives in Boulder, Taquisha lives in Denver.

Exapmple 2.

Dude 1: Bro I fucked Moesha all night long last night! High Five!
Dude 2: Arent you goin out with Kiandra?
Dude 1: Dude! Rule #5 Moesha's a 720, Kiandra's a 970.........retard.
by Atticus Kcliine January 31, 2009