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An individual who has been trained and raised on ships, knowing their ins and outs, this person must meet the following requirements, At least one facial scar, a hatred of ninjas, a lust for blood and danger, must be skilled in combat using Pistols, Muskets, Knives, Daggers, Swords of all kinds, Cannons, Traps, And Rope.. Lots and lots of rope.. (Can never have enough rope ((Thank you Connor MacManus)) Must believe in one form of a god or another (Perhaps an almighty being/creator), Must love Rum, and last but not least he must have, contrary to popular belief.. An inner voice.

Pirate Facts:
Pirates were and are the original hackers.
Pirates have a blood feud against Ninjas.
Pirates and Ninjas are equally strong in their respective areas of expert-tees.
There are pirates of every nationality.
Pirates are more laid back.
Pirates get laid WAY more often then Ninjas.
Pirates are still mobile and combat effective with the loss of limb or eye.
With out pirates, we wouldn't have summer block busters.
Lawyers wish they were pirates (Stealing your money and all).
Modern Pirates typically listen to metal or some form of rock music.
Pirates have all the best women.
Pirates are social.
Pirate clothes are awesome.
Life with out pirates would suck.
Pirates will break into your house, have your wife, have your daughter, steal your money, your paintings, your honor, scare your neighbors, key your car, blow up your house, kick your dog, and be drunk and laughing the whole time.
Pirates have not been accurately portrayed in an Anime or Cartoon due to that they are run by the ninjas.
Pirates can only be killed by the Navy or other Pirates while at sea.
Pirates can only be killed by ninjas while on dry land, far, far away from water.
Over all.. Pirates F*&KING OWN!!!!
Ninja: -"Poof" out of no where behind the pirate walking on his deck-
Pirate: -Twitches his good eye, smelling the scent.. The scent of ninja..-
Pirate: Arr.. Avast ye land lubbers!
Ninja: -Unsheathes his Katana, raising it above his head, ready to strike at his mortal enemy-
Pirate: -Unsheathes his Cutlass, grinning as he moves it to parry the Ninja's foreign blade-
-Their blades meet-
-The wind changes with the waves causing the Ninja to fall over due to lack of sea-legs, leaving the pirate standing tall-
Ninja: -Prepares a smoke bomb-
Pirate: -Just shoots the fucker in the head, and kills him-
Pirate: -Goes back to singing about treasure as he drinks his rum-
by Atrum Kyouko June 19, 2007

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