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3 definitions by AtrociousCalamity

When someone comes into the United States illegally without considering citizenship, they are known to have illegalienship.
Me: "You know that girl Maria?"
Kid: "Oh, I heard she got in the U.S. by passing her illegalienship, and they crossed her over the border."
Me: "Yeah, it was quite easy for her, she said."
by AtrociousCalamity April 01, 2009
Stupid Bitch I'd Like to Kill
Sarah Palin's a SBILK.
by AtrociousCalamity March 29, 2010
Just like water-logged. You're filled with so much shit you've held in and you can barely walk giving you that feeling you way more than you normally do.
Guy #1: "Dude, I've held in my shit for so long"

Guy #2: "I know, same here, I feel totally shit-logged"
by AtrociousCalamity June 20, 2010