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Is a sweaty townie/mosher wanna be. He BONES his technition in return for extra file space. He is aslo a jay sean wanna be but his hair went terribly wrong. He listens to marilyn manson and slipnot and other shit, yet he says he's a 'G' as he totally deeply penatrates EMINEM. He is a disgarce to stan... He wears a fake burbery cap, which he found on bev road... his favorite quote is 'MATE!'. he also wears reebok classics, which he coloured in coz he wont aloud in his diner with white trainers. He reckons he's got a petrol scooter which he bought for £400 but infact, he rides a pink bycicle which he obviously stole as is has no rubber in the tyres ans its waay to small for him, its also still got the lock on it... He contsantly wears a FAKE SCHOTT jaket which he nicked from JD. He roams around with his 'crew' which consists of Abrar, tauseef, bill, jonny and bob. He is about 6 years older then them all but he likes the attention. He plays the guitar, but he plays theme tunes to EMINEM. He plays all the manly sports you would expect a 15 year old to play, yeh right, he plays: badminton, tennis, qrouqete table, tennis, not forgetting hes the leader of his chess club. He goes around at night mugging old grannies, but he still comes back with nothing more than a bust-lip and a black eye. His face looks like a second-hand datboard, and he has a fake tan. Finally I have heard rumours that he is gay with Tariq.
Umair wit his crew:
Crew: 'Maate, dicked, bell end'
Umair : 'AAw mate so's ya mam dicked, want me to deck ya? I'l fu**in bang ya dicked and then bum u like I did to Tariq, he did like it, I bummed him with my guitar!!! Maaate'
by Ateeq + Saalim + Tariq December 04, 2004
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