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Assyrian by race and Chaldean by faith. Chaldeans (as they are often referred to) are Assyrians who belong to the Chaldean Catholic Church. Many Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) do not consider themselves Assyrian because of their close association with the Catholic church and not the Assyrian church of the East or any other Assyrian church. However, you will still find many Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) who know that they are Assyrian and will admit it. For some reason, many Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) claim to be Arabic (why the hell they would do that, i dont know), when in actuality they are Assyrians who speak a dialect that seems to have been mixed with both Aramaic (Assyrian) and Arabic. The Assyrian Democratic Movement (ZOWAA) has gone one step further in including the Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) name into the name of the Assyrians....Chaldo-Ashur. This is a highly debated issue among the Assyrian nation, as to why the Chaldean name (a religous name and not the name of an actual race) is intertwined with the national name of Assyrians (Ashurayeh). Oddly enough, the attempt by ZOWAA to unite the Assyrian nation has actually widened the gap between Assyrian non-catholics and Assyrian catholics (chaldeans); many chaldeans do not want to be considered as Assyrians and many Assyrians in turn do not want the Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) to be part of the nation if they so strongly despise their own blood........Wake up Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) of the world...United we can have our own country!!!
The Assyrians are descendants of the people of ancient Mesopotamia, succeeding the Sumero-Akkadian and the Babylonians as one continuous civilization. They are among the first nations who accepted Christianity. Most belong to one of these four churches; the Chaldean Uniate, the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Syrian Catholic Church, and the Assyrian Church of the East. ** It is important to note that all of the above churches and their members are part of the Assyrian nation.

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