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A command given to someone who needs to get his or her shit together. In a sports context, often said to one whose head isnt in the game or is up their ass, or who is playing erratically. In social situations, said to someone who is acting really strange or being embarrassing.
David: "What the Fuck!", Everybody lets pick this shit up right fuckin now. Everybody finish the drill. Let Go!"
Torres: "Fuck this i wanna go home and eat" (torres drags his nutz half speed through the drill)
David: "Move your fuckin tits Torres"{David angrily pulls Torres aside.}
David: {Grabs Torres's helmet} "Hey, look at me! You lock it up right now! Don't be a fat fuck today finish the fuckin drill."
Torres: "Alright, alright."
(David walks back to the line)
Torres:(Torress wispers) "Fuckin pussy"
by Ashton White October 16, 2006

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