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Also known as #0 from Slipknot. Real name is Sid Wilson. He is the DJ for Slipknot and recently released his first debut solo DJ Junglist album called "The New Leader"...
He is the youngest member of Slipknot, and the craziest.
"hey man, have you heard of DJ Starscream?"
"No.who is he"
"He's so awesome! Crazy dude, his new album is kickass, it's gangsta, but not black or Eminem gangsta, so it's good."
by Ashton/Jesus October 15, 2006
Very similar to 'pancake titties.'Bad saggy tits that hang like wrinkly flaps of skin. Girls with orangutang titties are nasty, their tits aren't perky or nothin.
Oh! Dude those orangtutang titties are nasty! Find a different site, this ones festy.

I met a really hot chick, great ass, she even had a nice smooth shaved pussy!...But she had the worst orangutang titties ever!
by Ashton/Jesus November 05, 2006

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