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Aphrase which, if used correctly, can be a highly amusing insult. Often used as a come back but can sometimes just be used for the sake of it. It is not a good idea to use it on one of your siblings though as can back fire very easily.
E.G 1
Teacher: John tell me a vital condition needed for successful fractional distillation.

John: Ermm.. Your Mom!

Jack: You suck
John: I suck your mom

E.G 2
John: Hey, Jack!
Jack: What!
John: Your mom!
Jack: What the fuck!
John: Your mom.
Jack: Fuck You
John: Fuck your mom
Jack: Leave me alone
John: Only if you leave your mom alone

E.g 3 (At a job interview)

Interviewer: So john what is your main interest
John: Well i am going to have to say...ermm... Your mom

John: OMG! You'll never guess what hapened to me yesterday!
Jack: What!
John: Your mom!
Passer By: OOH OOH You got owned!!
by Ashphamy Evans August 21, 2007

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