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BEST PUNK BAND THAT EVER LIVED! Many Classic songs, the true inventors of punk and the best songs i've ever heard. NO ONE is as good as them with 3 chords and simple songs. Easy to play, yet no one can match them.
Blitzkrieg Bop, Teenage Lobotomy, I just wanna have something to do, Beat on the Brat, 53rd and 3rd, Commando
by Ashley Kenyeres August 28, 2003
A great 70's punk band with few songs, but good ones at that, and an attitude to go along with it. They, however did not invent punk rock, but their style was more raw than others.
Holidays in the Sun, Bodies, Anarchy in the UK, God Save the Queen
by ashley kenyeres November 30, 2003
Classic punk band with awesome songs with topics that no one else sings about.
Orgasm Addict, Lipstick, No Reply
by Ashley Kenyeres August 28, 2003
An overpriced store that sells clothes that make teenies think they are "gothic" or "punks". It does, however have some good band merchandise and CD's. I like what they sell, but I dont like the effect it's having on kids. These kids think anarchy means forgetting to brush your teeth before bed.
Good Stuff: Ramones, Rancid, Misfits shirts, patches and pins
Bad stuff: the 50 different styles of good charlotte shirts, the overpricedness, and the effect it's got on kid "anarchists"
by ashley kenyeres November 30, 2003
The best soup to ever cure the grumbly in my tumbly
*SLLLUUURRRRPPPP* yum. Now that's good soup
by Ashley Kenyeres September 25, 2003
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