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275 definitions by Ashley

Goldie looking chain- When something is better than good!
"I'll tell you what that is clart!"
"What is it spa?!"
"Its fuckin alllllrite!"
by Ashley April 06, 2005

Used to describe ones cranial deformity.

see Nic Cester and mongoloid
"I just got done watching Jet's new video. The lead singer is such a conkhead!"


"I just got eye-raped by that conkheaded freak over there.."
by Ashley January 15, 2005
A term used to describe walking in a large crew. Primarily used to describe a group of people walking some where to cause trouble.
My friends and I were mobinating to the grocery store to rob it.
by Ashley December 06, 2004
Meaning Loved. Or luved, or lurved.
Ashley: Aww, I luff you.
Nick: I luff you too.
by Ashley March 29, 2005
To be crazy and out of control. Used to describe elaine
ME: Get down from that desk elaine, your being spazomatic
by ashley March 07, 2005
a girl who gives a guy head 5 times in one night cabasa = head and cinco = 5 meaning giving a guy head 5 times exactly
caitlin is a cabinco
by Ashley June 28, 2004
Just an ending to any of your words when you really wanna emphasize it!
i am sadimafied that you left me!
by Ashley March 27, 2004