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moshers arnt jst people who smell and av greasy hair! and become a mosher cuz they r sad and have no friends, they also DO NOT wear white make-up... whichever dumbass thinks that. they need to look up the word goth! moshers hate townies anad townies hate moshers! wudnt it b a better world if all townies died! they must use up all of boots make-up and hair acsessories! and half a bottle of sum shit smellin purfume they bought off a gypsy dwn the road!they tek the mick outa moshers cuz we wear pants that r baggy and hoodies with bands on, well we tek the mick outa the fuck up townies cuz u shag every guy whu knows were ur fanny is and how to do oral! so all u townies out there are fuk ups, moshers do wear make clothes, just not the makes u have heard ov. ur all sheep and copy each other!
death to all townies they are a waste of air and gold!! :D
by Ashleigh August 18, 2004
a device used to stick in you
The girl has taken the athalopatis and stuck it up her pussy soo she would have an orgasim.
by ashleigh June 03, 2004
To take a break from your b/f or g/f
i think we need to take a break and see other people
by ashleigh April 04, 2004
A name given to breast's from the noise they make when they bounce.
chris poked tracey's nugga nugga's
by Ashleigh March 03, 2005
pams is another word for sexual intercourse
i want pams from that girl, she is buff
by Ashleigh September 06, 2003
READ AND VOTE DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!woopachang is a word that originated some where by something and it somehow, like a fart blew around to me,
it doesn't really mean anything but is appropriate to say, it can also be used in conjunction with other words.
a covo between person a and person b with a lil a person c:

a. wtf?
b. what wtf?, wtf what
c. woopachang!!!!!!!!!!?
a&b: wtf!!?


a. im starved
b. same jeez i wont some food!
c. yeah i like food.........................................woopachang!!


a.i got my slip 2 day
b. me 2
c. me 3

or even,

a. i hate that biach
b. i know ay that cow!
c. woopa-fucking-chang

thanx if u read this
by ashleigh April 28, 2004
when you roll deep with somebody it means you hang around with them on a regular basis and they are a true friend
i roll deep with shelly, she is a true friend
by Ashleigh September 06, 2003
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