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Ashland, or "Trashland" as Hopkinton and Holliston like to say, is a typical example of a suburban New England town that recently got a train station and considers itself more urban than the surrounding towns because of it. Then it builds a new school and million dollar houses while the selectmen bitch about how the town treasury is empty. Located between Worcester and Boston, the kids like to pretend they're from the city, but do nothing but "hang at the rez", specifically the pumphouse or rope swing, and take the 20 minute trek to the Natick Mall cause the only retail stores are on the Framingham side of town, and one must be fluent in Spanish or a number of Indian dialects to make any purchases.
"Looks like we're stuck in Ashland, Massachusetts again cause I got a flat tire on the pike and my car can't handle route 9. Let's go to the pumphouse and get stoned"
by Ashlander October 18, 2005

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