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A place where 11-15 year olds visit on Habbo to pretend they have some form of a 'social life'. Here they 'simulate' a job experience 24/7 by trying to help newer Habbos in the hotel.
habbo habbohotel HxHD
New Habbo: GOD I'VE BIN SCAMMED...?!1
Habbox Worker: You need to use the call for help tool!
New Habbo: YER W/E F'UCK U..K?!1
Habbox Worker: That's it! I'll have to report you via the blue question mark in the bottom right hand corner, so you can be removed!
New Habbo: Oh f'''uck.
by Asher Habbo October 08, 2005
Former, yet undisputed Queen of Safety on Habbo UK. SoraSafe's empire came to ruins in 2003 when Cheezy2 came along and sabotaged her safety empire which ended her reign.
Cheezy2 took over then other mere pseudo safetys tried making a name for themselves, but failed.... obviously.
.Xx6.SaLLi.9xX.: hiya i need help im new here
SoraSafe: How can I assist you?
.Xx6.SaLLi.9xX.: f.k you sl.ut
SoraSafe: :ban x 100000000000
.Xx6.SaLLi.9xX.: o
by Asher Habbo August 21, 2006
Former Safety Queen of Habbo Hotel UK. Her reign ended soon after Cheezy2 came along and sabotaged her empire.
Xx6.JeRri9.xX: F.UCK ALL U n00bz
SoraSafe: Such condescending insolent behaviour is not tolerated!
Xx.6.JeRri9.xX: oh f.k u sl.ut
SoraSafe: :ban x 1000000000
Xx.6.JeRri9.xX: o
by Asher Habbo August 21, 2006

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