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If Sarah Palin laid her reptilian eggs in a crevice on the steps of the Washington monument and Glenn Beck later fertilized it with the stuff that he has stored in his mouth from the multiple times that he was kneeling down before Papa Bear Bill Oreilly, then the reptile that would emerge from the egg would be called beckpalin and ofcourse, it would instantly go and suck the blood of poor Americans everywhere.
Beckpalin is a cold-blooded reptile that sucks blood.
by ArunabhDas September 12, 2010
A single "piped" unix command for searching all the files in the current directory and doing a string match against a "pattern". For example -

> cat * | grep <pattern>

This will look for the word <pattern> across all the files in the current directory.
Nerd1 : Hey. Why are you using Spotlight to search for text in a file. You should just use catstarpipegrep on the command line.

Nerd2 : If you don't stop talking, I will catstarpipegrep your mom.
by ArunabhDas September 11, 2010

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