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"Verdadism means to empower yourself with your own truth and to go for it."

The primary purpose behind the paintings of Verdadism is to precipitate social change, to promote an understanding of humanity and to teach tolerance and the self-empowerment of the individual. In Verdadism, the intent of the artist is to make a personal connection with the viewer through the act of involving the viewer in an actual experience in the artist's life. The viewer is encouraged to acknowledge the universality of human nature and the artist invites the viewer to open their mind to the concept that we are all human beings with shared common experiences.

Verdadism: Paintings Juxtaposed with Written Social Commentaries Since 1992

Example below.

Please Stop Calling Us Minorities! We All Know That's Unfair Label With Negative Connotations ©1994

"In this society many words have double meanings. I feel that everyone that has been called a minority at one time or another has felt that something is wrong. We have been conditioned to think that this is OK, but it is not. Our young people feel the impact of the bad connotations and because of this will start to act like second-class citizens. Let's just be who we are: Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Koreans, African-Americans and so on. Let's not allow the government and mainstream America be too lazy to refer to us by our proper origin."

Painted and written in 1994, by Soraida Martinez. http://www.soraida.com
by Artist, Soraida February 18, 2009

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