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While strategically whipping a girl around your bed into different positions, you use her long, flowing hair to soak up other previous cum stains so you can delay washing your sheets for an extended period of time.
Tony: "What happened last night? Pepper came out with her hair looking all stiff as if she was in There's Something About Mary."

Bill: "Ya, after the first round I realized I needed to clean that up or I was gonna have to wash my sheets the next day, so I just gave her the Memphis Mop Head and I should be good for like another week with these sheets."
by ArthurDrood February 06, 2013
When a male performs anal on one girl one day, to have vaginal sex with another girl 4 days later while never taking a shower because they are a dirty hippie and giving the latter a UTI/Gonorrhea.
Mark: "Dude, I fucked Rachel last week and definitely gave her the Memphis Double-Dip."

Gary: "Seriously....I bet she's like....pissed."

Mark: "Oh ya bro, she totally won't let me have sex with her again unless, as she said 'gives me a taste of my own medicine' and fucks some other guy and pisses on me........probably let her do it.......she was a really good lay."
by ArthurDrood March 07, 2013

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