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3 definitions by Artemis Stonecutter

a highly tasty snack
jews make them very well
by Artemis Stonecutter August 02, 2005
One who is highly intelligent, but is also athletically competent.
Bill: "Man! Can you beleive Jerry? A 4.3 GPA and captain of the football team!"

Tim: "Yeah! Why he's a regular Korena! Not as pretty as the original, though..."
by Artemis Stonecutter April 02, 2005
Created in 2003 by Arnold Kemp, Fuckeroon is a proper noun that acts as a title, yet replaces the name of the person who has received it.
For example, one might say: "John sure is a Fuckeroon!" or, "look at what that Fuckeroon is doing now!"
by Artemis Stonecutter March 29, 2005