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4 definitions by ArtII

The act of extracting a metaprinciple from a paradox, conundrum or contradiction.
A biologist looks at a rabbit and an elephant. Are they the same? The contradiction is obvious, one is small and weak, the other large and strong. However, they share a metaprinciple, they are both mammals. This epiphany arrived through metatation.
by ArtII May 29, 2011
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An explicative used when you discover that your latest unique and brilliant thought has been posted on the internet, discussed, criticized and probably dismissed already.
Tom: "What do you call a pig with laryngitis?"
Dick: "I don't know, let me look it up on Google."
Tom: "Wait! ..."
Dick: "Here it is. The pig is disgruntled."
Tom: "Deja crap! I came up with that on my own just now!"
Dick: "Uuuhuh ..."
by ArtII July 27, 2013
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A plan or system that produces more energy than it uses while at the same time provides necessary products or services. Farming is the historic example. Solar panels, wind turbines and concentrated solar are also, but using new technology. So is biofuels.
Without a positive energy solution for the Western countries, economic collapse is a certainty.
by ArtII April 29, 2013
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A contraction of the words 'identity' and 'infinity'.

Who/what you are when you are one with the universe.
Last night I dropped a lot of acid and became one with the universe. I discovered my ideninity.
by ArtII January 31, 2012
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