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a teenage international social group of hardcore Harry Potter fans.
They usually write fanfiction, music (so called Wizardrock) and make any other kind of art.


Being a Potterhead usually has an influence to further life of a teenager.

Many popular writers have an episode in fanfiction.
For example polish writer Ewa Białołęcka or american Cassandra Clare.


Many Potterheads make music called Wizardrock. It's new genere of music in which lyrics are about Harry Potter world.

Two most popular musicals are A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. Star of those performances - Darren Criss - is now in a popular TV show Glee.
Potterheads made A Very Potter Musical. Yeah, Darren Criss was once a Potterhead!

Cassandra Clare wrote fanfiction.
by Arsine Black February 03, 2012
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