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see cunt

Total liar.
weapons of mass destruction? The EU doesn't erode our national governments? There is no asylum problem? The NHS is getting better?
by Arron Clements April 05, 2005
Generic term for a place where a chav does the weekly shop in the UK. Formed by the combination of the words Chav and Asda.
Look at the state of that chav, I bet he's off to chavsda to buy chicken nuggets and curly fires.

I'm just off to chavsda to get some stella.
by Arron Clements April 03, 2005
Half Human and half Gallifreyan Time Lord who saves our planet on a regular basis. His birth place of Gallifrey has been destroyed.
Did you see Doctor Who last night?
by Arron Clements April 14, 2005

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