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Last year I posted my reflections on the Iraq war on the "free republic" website. First, the war rationale was based on lies. Second, the goals of the Bush administration were: To find and destroy weapons of mass destruction, to save the lives of Americans, to oust Saddam Hussein, to turn Iraq into a free democracy, to stabilise the Middle East, and to keep oil prices low. I politely pointed out that the Bush administration had achieved only one of these goals, the ousting of Saddam Hussein, and that they had failed (and still do) quite miserably in the pursuit of all those other goals.

The free republic operators then politely and silently removed all of my posts (even those not related to the topic) and closed my account. Truth hurts, baby. Not that I am surprised.
"Hey, why don't you use Windows Media Player? It's free!" - "You mean free as in free speech?" - "No, dude, free as in free republic!"
by Arne Vogel May 23, 2006

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