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15 definitions by Armand Dillo

A photograph taken with your smartphone.
I can't believe how good a phoneto you just uploaded. What kind of phone did you use to shoot it?
by Armand Dillo July 16, 2011
Overposting on Facebook. An ego disorder leading people to believe their friends want to hear from them more than once or twice a week.
Dude, I'm totally progressive. But, when you Outrage-Post 19 political articles and videos in 3 hours--that's Overbooking!
by Armand Dillo March 27, 2011
A hemorrhoid the size of a meteor. And twice as hot.
I can't go horseback riding with you tomorrow, dude.

Why not?

by Armand Dillo October 29, 2010
A female demagogue.
Virtually all arbitrarily autocratic rulers were male until 2010, when a number of female U.S. politicians proved that demagoguery could cross gender lines, and the concept of "femagogue" was born.
by Armand Dillo September 14, 2010
Rich Guy Propaganda. A principle of life that every educated person needs to know--that Rich Guys use the principles of propaganda to fool the gullible into thinking that what's good for the rich is good for them.
Notice how, during every election, Rich Guys repackage trickle-down economics and try to sell it all over again? It's nothing but RGP bullshit, lipstick on the same old, greedy pig.
by Armand Dillo April 14, 2013
Deep depression caused by chronic lack of money.
My shrink says I have Dinero Deficit Disorder. I went broke paying him for therapy.
by Armand Dillo November 16, 2010
What happens to vaqueros who leave the prairie too quickly.
Jorge galloped off the ranch an' got hisself deranged. Boy's brain was plumb pasturized. Too mas loco weed, pendejo.
by Armand Dillo January 04, 2013