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TV ad that stays onscreen during the entire program.
TV advertisers started with logo bugs, moved on to pharts and then graduated to skidmarks. Next, they'll move the program down to one corner of the screen and run continual ads over the remaining 90%.
by Armand Dillo December 09, 2012
One Income, No Kids
My girlfriend says I'm a pig, but I'm truly an oink.
by Armand Dillo September 18, 2012
Any school textbook that filters reality through a fancifully enthusiastic neo-conservative agenda.
Copping a page from the Iranian Playbook, the Texas Board of Education removed Thomas Jefferson from Texbooks because he believed in the separation of church and state.
by Armand Dillo March 16, 2010
The theory that the 99% exist only to serve the needs of the wealthiest 1%, as if the majority of people are simply cows to be milked.
The modus operandi of Fox News demonstrates that Rupert Murdoch subscribes to the Milch Cow Theory.
by Armand Dillo January 07, 2012
An attention-seeker who compulsively, addictively blogs or posts to a social networking site many times a day.
Sarah's a postaholic. Six, seven times a day she pathetically pukes out where she is, what she's eating, what she's watching on TV. Who gives a flying fork?
by Armand Dillo July 10, 2011
An old and worn-out, but cherished, piece of clothing.
Don't you dare throw out my AC/DC t-shirt. It's a holey relic!
by Armand Dillo September 30, 2012
Overposting on Facebook. An ego disorder leading people to believe their friends want to hear from them more than once or twice a week.
Dude, I'm totally progressive. But, when you Outrage-Post 19 political articles and videos in 3 hours--that's Overbooking!
by Armand Dillo March 27, 2011

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