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When the new call of duty game comes out you think its sooooooooo sooo soo good... then you are like "OMG, this game is SOOOOO GREAT!" Then after a few months of the release you are like "wtf is this bullshit, this game sucks." Then when the new cod game is announced you jizz of excitement saying its going to be the best fucking game ever. Then the cycle repeats... over and over again.
Call of Duty Cycle

Black Ops comes out: YAY, THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!
Two months Later: Damn, this game sucks ass...

MW3 Comes out: Finally, this is way better than black ops

A few months later: Fuck, this game sucks major narb's.

The cycle repeats.
by Armaholic November 09, 2011

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