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1. eric hetzel of chantilly, va
2. george w. bush
3. any one with the intelligence of a cockroach
4. McLovin aka sexy burger

synonyms: blonde, dumb shit, r-tard, bush
eric: *bikes into a car*
eric: wut?
arjun: no seriously go to urbandictionary.com...becuz ur now the definition for dumb fuck
by Arjun Patel September 20, 2007
The place that u scream kinky butt sex on all the rides....If u dont ur gay....next time u go to disney world....or any other theme park....or any other place....scream kinky butt sex! u kno u wannna.....and remember the people that started this fad....a half asian half white dip shit and a full indian fucktard...that would be me....LONG LIVE BAND TRIPS!!!....also the place where the monorail song was invented....and where i had kinky HAND sex (in haunted mansion with some random chick)....and remember....CHANTILLY HIGH SCHOOL rocks...so suck it bitches!!!! XD
*riding on a roller coaster in Disney World* *SCREAMING...* KINKY BUTT SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Arjun Patel September 16, 2007
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