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A transplant to Cave Creek, Arizona. An amazingly resistant person that typically acts as if they know it all and rule the very tiny world they now live in, known as Cave Creek, AZ. Creekers are usually thought to be ridiculously self absorbed, deceitful control freaks. Desperate people who live in fear of competition. They think it's funny that not everyone cares about what they left behind where ever it is that they come from. They are dead set on destroying our laid back, easy going western heritage. They want every bit of what is ours to be dead, mostly cowgirls and cowboys and their horses. The Wild West! Which is why they came here to begin with. We're sorry you miss your home where ever it is you came from, but wish you'd melt in our pot of western stew or go home! We don't want what you left behind. We like our little western town and the cowgirls, cowboys, horses, and rodeos that go with it.
Some even belong to the Facebook Group "Creekers"
by Arizona Native April 01, 2010

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