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This western style position involves three people... two men and one woman (Making it spikey) The fun starts by the woman bending over and touching her feet as one of the men starts to thrust slowly from the back. She then quickly spikes up and raises her leg, resting it on a stool or chair. Then the third party enters from the front.
Drop down and get yo' spikey cactus on.
Sally left with John and Bill with the hope of doing some western dancing, her favorite move is the spikey cactus.
Insert tropical fruit into the hole of choice. Then, have someone retrieve it. Finally, share it as a kinky, sexual treat.
John and Fred played tropical sunset on the beach after dark.
Sally and Jane stole the pineapple from the fruit punch to share a scumptious tropical sunset.
when your girl is on her hands and knees moppin' up the dirty dirty in the kitchen, surprise her with your broomstick and clean out the cobwebs.
My desperate housewife was on her hands and knees so I cleaned out her cobwebs.

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