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Framel is like the chess of beer games. It really teaches you how to use your head. A group of players stands in a circle and goes around hitting a can of beer on their heads individually one at a time. Eventually the can will bust, or even better explode, and that person wins the framel.
Frat Boy: hey dooods let all play a good game of framel mannn

Major Bro: man ok, this pong is getting boring as hell anyway, bitches wont take off their clothes...
by Ari Livanos February 05, 2009
A style of music that is best described as the fusion of folk rhythms and electronic, mainly dubstep, beats.
Beats Antique is classically Folkstep
by Ari Livanos December 24, 2010
A word my father calls McCain.
McLame voted with Bush 95% of the time
by Ari Livanos August 24, 2008

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