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-MUST have a myspace (Stickam is also acceptable,)
-has some strange color in hair
-hair must be choppy or messy or something!
-usually have long and colored extensions (coon stripes-)
-facial piercings (i.e. septum, monroe, snakebites, nostril, lip, eyebrow ect.)
-act like an immature little kid
-either do gore, or lush (cute.)
-wear super tight pants
-really any shirt is acceptable
-bows in hair
-dark rimmed eyes (shitload of eyeliner)
-brightly colored eyeshadow
-hello kitty and gloomy bear!!!
-say things like "rad" "stellar" "gnar" "cunt" "hoez" "nigz"
-have obsessions with random cute things that 4 year olds like
-listen to grindcore (or metal or techno or anything, really)
-think highly of yourself
-must love Jeffree Star
-take myspace pics in weird angles and be original!
-have a myspace name ending with some sort of inanimate object or starting with an adjective i.e. "lexi lush" "meggie massacre" "kiki kannibal"
-screw everyone
-don't ever admit to being scene, cuz honey, if you're in the scene, don't act like it
-call people hun, sweetie, love, darling, sexy, cutie ect.
-being bisexual is very in right now for guys and girls, but if you don't actually like the same sex, then don't pretend you do
-try to get tons of friends on myspace (ex: "I have 15k!")
-be a bitch, but be sentimental at the same time
-always try to be original
scene girl 1: "I can't wait to go to hot topic today! that store is so effin rad"
scene girl 2: "yahh, they got the tightest pants evahhh"
scene girl 3: "let's stop off at claires too. i feel like getting some totally lushed out bows. i need new myspace pics!"
scene girl 1: "yahh."
scene girl 2: "oh em gee! we should totally get some pics of us making out!"
scene girl 3: "oh fuck yeah!"
scene girl 1: "that would be so hardcore!"
scene girl 2: "fuck yeah, you nigz are so hot!"
scene girl 1: "lets go, cunts! can't wait to get to the mall!"
by Arghhhh Emmm Kayy May 24, 2008

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