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The moment when a reformed vegetarian, when enjoying a meal, preferably in a 4 or 5 star restaurant, stares at the ostrich steak with garlic mashed potatoes he ordered and feels a sudden pang of horror at his relaxing ethical standards on the prevention of cruelty to animals. Often involves vomiting, and fleeing both the restaurant, and his date in shame.
A: "Yo, dawg, why did Julian do a loop during the main course?"
B. "Dude, he's suffering from some mid-dinner angst, have some understanding, man."
by Ardella Safron October 22, 2006
A German word meaning anus. One to avoid when engaging in conversation with Berliner society matrons.
In spite of many years spent living in New York City, Hans (ever polite) still approached the word "after" with trepedation, still connecting it with both his mother tongue, and his nether regions.
by Ardella Safron October 22, 2006

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